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Slipping and falling in a supermarket

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2023 | Premises Liability

Persons walking around in a California supermarket have a reasonable expectation of safety. The same applies to walking outside the supermarket in areas under the supermarket’s control. Unfortunately, accidents and oversights happen, which could lead to a slip-and-fall accident. Persons hurt in such a way may have a legal claim for any injuries they suffer.

Slipping in a supermarket

Falling in the supermarket could result from mishaps, omissions, and oversights. If a customer spills something on the floor, another customer may fall. Mopping up the floor could make it slippery, and leaving objects on the floor when stacking the shelves may also create dangers. When someone slips and falls in the store, questions would arise about negligence.

In part, negligence centers on the supermarket’s inability to respond to a problem when it had a duty to do so. Responses should also be performed promptly. Not cleaning up a spill quickly or failing to place a slippery floor warning sign are examples of possible negligence.

Additional liabilities

Other issues can lead to premises liability claims. Not repairing broken steps or fixing a damaged sidewalk may lead to slip-and-fall accidents. Also, other customers could be liable in some instances. If a customer’s horseplay leads to someone suffering harm, that individual could face a liability claim.

The harms offered by a slip-and-fall accident may vary from incident to incident. Someone might suffer a broken bone or even spinal damage. Those liable for the injuries May face requirements to compensate victims for losses, pain and suffering.

An insurance claim may address losses. A business is commercial liability insurance, or an individual’s personal liability insurance might provide a settlement for specific claims. Solid negotiations might be necessary to receive an equitable settlement.