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What are the main types of car accidents in California?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

California has around 57,000 car accidents per year. Rear impacts and head-on collisions are two of the most common types of accidents in this state.

Rear impact

Most rear impacts are from drivers who are distracted or following too close to your bumper. In both of these situations, the person who hit you can be held liable for your injuries. Rear-end collisions can put a lot of stress on the spine, resulting in serious back or spinal cord injuries.

Head-on collision

When the front ends of two cars collide, you have a head-on collision, also known as a frontal impact. Because of the greater force involved, head-on collisions have higher rates of serious injuries and fatalities. Drivers who are under the influence might drive on the wrong side of the road. Other possible causes of head-on collisions are distracted driving, speeding, reckless driving and missing a one-way warning sign.

Side collision

Side collisions, also known as T-bones and lateral impacts, usually occur at intersections when one driver is turning. Distracted driving, aggressive driving and impaired driving are common causes of side collisions.


Sideswipes are when two perpendicular cars collide. One driver might have forgotten to check their blind spots before changing lanes. Distracted and impaired driving can also lead to sideswipe accidents.

Single car accident

Although a single car accident only involves one vehicle, it doesn’t always mean that the driver was at fault. If they avoided an impact with another driver on the road who made a mistake, then they might lose control and crash into a barrier, a pole or another object.

Multiple car pileup

An accident with three or more vehicles is a multiple car pileup. Any of the other types of motor vehicle accidents could set up this type of accident.

There are measures you can take to to remain safe on the roads. You can reduce your risk of car accidents by focusing on driving, sticking to speed limits and avoiding reckless drivers when possible.