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How Can Technology Affect Your Personal Injury Case?


Discover how you could sabotage your own personal injury case simply by using social media. Learn how to avoid common technology mistakes.

Technology is an amazing thing. It can be quite handy when you need to connect with others, track your exercise or manage your bills. However, if you are embarking on a personal injury case in California, things like social media and tech devices could spell trouble.

Social Media Faux Paus

Social media is a basic part of daily life for many people. If you are an avid user, you probably post every day. You might share everything, from what you had for breakfast to how you are feeling that day. This is where things can get sticky for a personal injury case. Forbes notes that because your case rests upon how an event negatively affected your life, anything you post that is positive or shows you having a good time or doing activities that should be hard given your claims can be used by the other side against you. Anything you post online is free for anyone to see or use.

For example, if you make an injury claim that you were hurt so badly in an accident that you cannot work but you post pictures of you dancing all night this past weekend, you can expect those images to show up in court. The judge will not be too happy to see this evidence.

Even if what you post seems unrelated to your case, it may still be used. Character is important. If you constantly are making statements online that you will sue someone for a lot of money or that you think others should sue to get money, this could paint you in a bad light in court. It makes you seem as if you were simply looking for a way to make fast money by suing.

Technical Devices Hurt, Too

You are not even safe if you forego using social media these days. There is technology everywhere that can damage your case. Forbes also talks about how personal tracking devices, such as a FitBit, can be used in court. This type of device tracks your activity. It could easily show that your life and your mobility was not as severely impacted as you claim in your personal injury lawsuit.

In today’s high-tech world, you have to be careful about what information you are putting out there. Whether you post on social media or use a personal fitness tracking device, you should be aware if could be used in court against you. If you are considering a personal injury claim, think about seeking help from an attorney, such as Chihak & Associates.