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Car Accidents A Common Cause Of Traumatic Brain Injuries


Car accidents can cause traumatic brain injuries, which can affect peoples’ lives in many ways.

When people are involved in a motor vehicle accident in California, they run the risk of getting seriously injured. While some injuries are minor, others are more severe and could require extensive medical attention. In some cases, victims of car accidents may not even know that they have been injured until several days, weeks or months after the collision occurred. Not only is traumatic brain damage commonly caused by auto accidents, but it may take some time for people to link the signs and symptoms of brain trauma to its source.

What Is Traumatic Brain Damage?

A sudden impact or forceful jolt can cause the soft brain tissue to smack against the inside of the skull, causing bruising, bleeding and inflammation. Although the brain has several membranes protecting the fragile cells, it is basically suspended in a fluid and it susceptible to impacts, such as when the head hits the steering wheel or side window. As the brain continues to bleed and swell, it creates an increase in pressure within the skull cavity. This may continue to damage brain cells.

Identifying The Signs And Symptoms

Each brain injury is unique and varies depending on what part of the brain was injured, as well as the extent of the damage. For example, damage to the frontal lobe may cause changes in mood, while an injury to the cerebellum could result in loss of balance or coordination. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes, other mild to moderate symptoms of brain injuries include the following:

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Persistent headaches that may grow in intensity.
  • Muscle spasms or tingling in the extremities.
  • Trouble concentrating or remembering things.
  • Changes in sleep and/or mood patterns.
  • Decreased sensory perception.

When the extent of the brain trauma is severe, people may experience immediate symptoms, such as seizures or loss of consciousness.

Getting Treatment

Early medical help is key when seeking treatment for a brain injury. Although professionals cannot repair the damaged brain cells, they may offer treatment to help TBI patients with their ability to work, carry out everyday tasks and engage in hobbies that they enjoy. Potential treatments may include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and emotional counseling.

Obtaining Legal Assistance

Brain injuries can impact your life in many ways. You may be left with heavy medical expenses and psychological hardships when dealing with a TBI. It could be difficult for you to return to work and live a normal life. You could be eligible to receive monetary compensation for your case, which could give you the financial means to get back on track. An attorney in San Diego may be able to look over the details of your case and help you find the best legal option for your situation.