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Concerns exist about distracted driving

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving remains a consistent problem on California roads. Motorists might not realize some of their behaviors are potentially harmful because they fall into certain habits that they perform routinely. An accident might not occur, so they don’t see any reason to curtail their behaviors. However, the time may arrive when an ill-advisable activity behind the wheel leads to an accident. Thankfully, activists now look at ways to prevent and discourage distracted driving.

Exploring reasons for distracted driving

There are numerous ways people become distracted while driving. The advanced touchscreens present inside a vehicle could be a source of distractions. A driver may continually glance at the touch screen or engage it with their fingers. When eyes are not on the road, hands are not on the wheel and concentration is elsewhere, the risks of collisions increase dramatically. Even listening to music can be distracting, and hands-free phone conversations are still potentially distracting.

Eating, drinking, and grooming behind the wheel are also dangerous. Again, attention is not focused on safe driving, which presents hazards. Be aware that motor vehicle accidents may occur due to incidents without warning. A driver may pull out of a parking lot without looking, and a distracted driver may only see the vehicle once it is too late. Sometimes, only a brief window of opportunity exists to prevent a collision. Distracted drivers may lose those necessary seconds.

Addressing distracted driving

Several approaches could possibly reduce instances of distracted driving. Changing the laws to make it easier for law enforcement to issue citations is one way. Others prefer awareness campaigns. Awareness campaigns that target younger, inexperienced drivers could be helpful.

Distracted driving, like other forms of negligence, may result in a liability lawsuit. Accident victims would likely see compensation for any losses they suffered in the accident.