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What are the dangers of truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most California residents can drive alongside commercial trucks without incident. However, there are situations that lead to a truck accident occurring. These are the significant dangers of commercial truck accidents.

The types of truck accidents

The types of truck accidents that can occur pose serious risks to anyone who happens to be sharing the road. Jackknife accidents are the most common. They happen when the cab of a commercial truck stops while the trailer continues to move and the two parts of the huge vehicle form a 90-degree angle.

A T-bone accident involving a truck can result in catastrophic injuries to the victims in the other vehicle. The truck slams into the side of a car, which can easily total it. In the worst-case scenario, the occupants of the passenger vehicle can be killed.

Rollover truck accidents are exactly as they sound: the truck rolls over onto its side on the road. This often occurs because the truck’s cargo is too heavy or because the trucker was traveling too fast over the speed limit and lost control. Braking too quickly can also result in a rollover.

Rear-end truck accidents can crush passenger vehicles and kill the people inside. In some cases, the car might not be crushed, but it could be propelled forward and crash into another vehicle.

Underride accidents occur when a smaller vehicle and a commercial truck collide and the smaller vehicle ends up under the trailer. This is one of the deadliest types of trucking accidents.

Truck accidents result in serious injuries

A motor vehicle accident with a truck is particularly dangerous because it usually results in catastrophic injuries. Common injuries victims sustain include broken bones, spinal cord injuries, amputations, severe burns, traumatic brain injury (TBI), disfigurement and even death.

There are potentially multiple liable parties in a truck accident. Although a lawsuit doesn’t turn back the clock, it might offer some relief.