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Common serious car crash injuries in California

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents can cause serious personal injuries, especially at high speeds. While some injuries, such as broken bones, may heal over time, others can have long-term or permanent effects on a person’s life.

Head and neck trauma

Head and neck trauma occurs when the head and neck jerk forward or backward suddenly. Some of the most common injuries caused by this type of trauma include whiplash, concussions and traumatic brain injuries. When these types of traumas occur, they can lead to long-term or even permanent effects such as paralysis, memory loss and difficulty concentrating.

Internal injuries

Internal injuries occur when the body is exposed to a high amount of force, either from the impact or from being restrained by safety belts and airbags. These are often more serious than external injuries and can include ruptured organs, internal bleeding and blood clots. Depending on the severity of these injuries, they can cause long-term or even permanent organ damage.

Spinal cord injuries

Injuries to the spinal cord are often some of the most serious personal injuries caused by car accidents. These types of traumas can lead to partial or full paralysis, as well as long-term chronic pain.

Psychological effects

Car accidents can also have psychological effects, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression. Victims of car accidents can experience flashbacks and nightmares, and often have trouble sleeping or concentrating. Usually, these psychological effects can last long after the physical injuries have been treated.

Although personal injury cases may be difficult to handle, it is important to remember that victims of car accidents may be entitled to compensation for their medical bills, lost wages and other damages as a result of their injuries. Nonetheless, it’s always important to seek medical attention immediately after a car accident as serious personal injuries can have long-term or permanent effects.