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Speed limiters and the trucking industry

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Federal regulations affect many aspects of the trucking industry. Various rules impact matters related to everything from maintenance to mandatory breaks for drivers. Many California truck accidents – and motor vehicle accidents in general – derive from speeding. Now the federal government is considering rules establishing mandatory technology designed to limit a truck’s speed.

The speed limiter option

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration solicited comments on proposed requirements for large commercial trucks to operate with speed limiters. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety added its remarks and suggested that any plans to add speed limiters to trucks should go forward. Additionally, the IIHS stated the rules should not apply to large trucks exclusively. The IIHS notes that some smaller trucks should have limiters as well.

Concerns exist because speeding factors into roughly one-third of all crash deaths in the United States. Speeding reflects dangerous behavior regardless of a vehicle’s size and mass. However, the dangers could be more pronounced with large trucks since commercial semi-trucks require more distance to slow down and come to a complete stop.

Negligence and speeding

The honor system does not always work to keep drivers from speeding. Truck drivers rushing to a destination might travel at an unsafe speeding, creating dangers to other drivers. A speed limiter might work on reducing the potential for motor vehicle accidents.

Of course, drivers could commit other dangerous moving violations even if something controlled the truck’s speed. Tailgating and intoxicated driving may remain problems. Drivers embracing reckless driving might cause multi-car collisions and fatal accidents.

No matter what form negligence takes, the result may leave a driver facing a lawsuit. Any reckless driving might come with legal consequences. Wrongful death lawsuits and vehicular manslaughter charges may reflect those consequences.