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The increasing distractions on the road

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The percentage of motor vehicle accidents in California is still rising. None of the major car manufacturers could have foreseen the reasons why. Building new safety features with cameras and sensors has only had a small impact. Where society is headed is unknown in regards to increasing road fatalities. Finding adequate solutions to these challenges starts with accepting an interesting reality that emerges. Technology is now appearing to be more of a distraction.

The safety steps you can take

Motor vehicle accidents can be reduced with a bit more caution overall. Distraction is a key cause behind the steady number of road collisions. Taking additional measures to keep your hands on the wheel is a good start. Make sure that your own vehicle operates as it should before you drive. In an incident, you might have one second to respond, so keep your view and mirrors clear. Ensure your brakes are working and that the front and rear lights are too.

Start with modern devices

Now is when you want to think about putting your mobile devices aside. Technology that connects to the web or plays media is distracting. Research supports the notion that drivers are more distracted today than they were just 15 years ago. The irony is that the new safety features of modern vehicles also connect to the web and have multimedia. You have to start with a personal conviction about these devices if you want to be safe while driving. The tech you expect to help you might not be able to.

Motor vehicle accidents in California

There are some modern drivers aware of these dangers. Technology does pose a real threat. These same drivers might still fail to see how those riding with them can be distracting. Even without a phone in your hands, passengers eager to share what’s on theirs can entice you. This unique case of distraction is encountered by anyone with a phone and a vehicle. Special precautions have to be made, and the initial steps begin once drivers think twice about reading their phones.