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Common reasons for medical malpractice claims

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | Medication Errors, Surgical Error

California residents understand that making mistakes is common to all humans. But when a doctor acts in error, life-altering consequences become possible for a patient. Patients may become better able to avoid the dangers of these mistakes if they understand when they are most likely to happen.

Late or wrong diagnosis

The number one source of malpractice claims in outpatient settings is a delayed or incorrect diagnosis. These mistakes represent a danger because the patient will not receive proper treatment for their illness until the correct diagnosis happens. The patient may also suffer negative effects from receiving unnecessary medication or treatments.


Thousands of Americans die each year due to medication errors. Potential mistakes are possible with the delivery of the initial prescription, improper administration of a drug, or negative interaction with another drug.


About half of the general surgeons in the country have seen their name in a malpractice lawsuit. And while surgeons are responsible for many surgical errors affecting patients, mistakes are possible from other professionals during the post-operative process.

Potential errors by surgeons include organ punctures, incorrect procedures, and failure to remove surgical instruments. Common post-operative mistakes involve medication and actions that lead to infection.


Mistakes that involve anesthesia are not as common as some other errors but are extremely dangerous. Even minor miscalculations involving anesthesia miscalculations can lead to permanent injuries.

Informed consent

Physicians are bound to the wishes of their patients. And patients have the right to sufficient information to facilitate an informed decision. When a patient does not receive this information, lawsuits become possible.

Patients have a right to a reasonable standard of care when receiving medical attention. Patients injured after a mistake from a doctor or other medical professional may benefit from a conversation with an attorney.